The following is an example of some of the didactic opportunities that are available in PBCGME programs:

Morning Report Case Presentations

Residents and students present interesting cases previously admitted, for morning report. Review of case history focusing on signs and symptoms, differential diagnosis, physical exam, lab work, diagnosis and management. This is followed by brief presentation and discussion of disease process, pathophysiology and management.

Board Review

Preparation for board exams has enabled PBCGME to boast a historic 100% first-time pass rate for board certification.

Tumor Board

Residents and students present cases on patients diagnosed with typical and atypical malignancies and how they were managed. Presentations are accompanied by radiological studies, pathology slide and gross specimens. Attending physicians from radiology, pathology and oncology comment and formulate a plan of care.

Journal Club / Evidence Based Medicine

While each program hosts their own monthly Journal Club, reviewing the latest in literature pertaining to that specialty, first-year residents from each program attend quarterly Consortium Evidence-Based Medicine Journal Club in which they develop the tools necessary for critical analysis of literature.

Specialty Lectures

Each program hosts regular specialty-oriented lectures presented by faculty. These are scheduled either daily, or weekly in half-day/full-day blocks.

Consortium Grand Rounds

Consortium Grand Rounds include inter-program lecutres (such as Toxicology presented by EM to all other programs, and Resident Wellness lectures presented by Psychiatry to all other programs) as well as with outside speakers on topics of general interest, including our Business of Medicine Series.