The following is an example of some of the conferences that are presented at JFK Medical Center North Campus, our sponsoring institution.

Medicine Case Presentations

Four times per week interns and students present interesting cases previously admitted for morning report. Review of case history focusing on signs and symptoms, differential diagnosis, physical exam, lab work, diagnosis and management. This is followed by brief presentation and discussion of disease process, pathophysiology and management.

EKG Conference

Every Tuesday, one of our cardiologists Dr. Hanney teaches students, interns, and residents how to interpret and read EKGs in detail. Dr. Hanney has an extensive library of EKGs from which real world examples are presented for analysis. These lectures are beamed via digital videoconference to St. Lucie Hospital and Palms West.

Weekly Board Review

Preparation for board exams occurs each Friday, with afternoon sub-specialty attending lectures; intermixed with DVD driven internal medicine board review from the Mayo Clinic and UCSF. PBCGME has a 100% pass rate for board certification.

Breast Conference

Every Wednesday several patients with breast cancer are presented with discussions on appropriate diagnosis, management,and therapeutic options available for the patients. Dr. Gardner and other surgeons present their patients to a panel of other surgeons, radiation and chemo oncologists, our hospital radiologist and pathologist, and formulate a plan of care.

Tumor Board

Monthly students or interns present cases on patients diagnosed with typical and atypical malignancies and how they were managed. Presentations are accompanied by radiological studies, pathology slide and gross specimens. Attending physicians from radiology, pathology and oncology comment and formulate a plan of care.

Journal Club / Evidence Based Medicine

Once monthly residents/interns present several interesting articles from journals like NEJM, JAMA, The Lancet, Cardiology etc. with comment and supervision from each program's respective directors.

Evidence-Based Journal Club and review

Each quarter residents/interns present and focus in detail on the methodology, statistics, and analysis of several select articles; with comment and supervision from Dr. Borzak, one of our cardiologists.

Radiology Rounds

Weekly review of hospital case pathology by Dr. Reuther our in hospital radiologist. A perennial favorite of residents andstudents for his exceptionally captivating lectures.

Specialty Lectures

Scheduled every day at 12:30pm, a variety sub-specialists lecture on theirfield. Lectures are diverse and encompass Nephrology, C.T.Surgery, Radiology, Cardiology, Orthopedics, Infectious Disease, Palliative Care, PM&R, Urology, Gastroenterology, Dermatology, OB/Gyn, Psychiatry, and others.