Our leadership team is stable, experienced, tested and well-prepared to direct all aspects of medical student and resident training programs. Our "Dream Team" includes:

Division Vice President

Paul Romanelli

Institutional DIO/Regional DME

Bradley Feuer, DO, JD, FCLM

Associate DIO/DME

Thomas Matese, Jr., O, FACP, FACEP, DME

Program Directors

  • Traditional Rotating Internship: Robert Anderson, DO
  • Dermatology: Robin Shecter, DO
  • Emergency Medicine: Thomas Matese Jr., DO
  • Family Medicine: Robert Anderson, DO
  • Internal Medicine: Minerva Ellis, DO (’12)
  • Pediatrics: Alberto Marante, MD
  • Psychiatry: Ethan Kass, DO

Administrative Directors

  • Consortium Mgr./ADME, Pediatrics: Joanne Guccio
  • Internal Medicine/Dermatology: Joanne Guccio
  • Emergency Medicine: Crystal Raines
  • Family Medicine, Rotating Internship: Jessica Masko
  • Psychiatry: Joanne Fama
  • Student Education: Jennie Elmore